Future Cell Phones

What’s Next with the future cell phones Mobile Phone Race?

HD video and camera capability, super AMOLED or retina displays, full-multi-touch functionality, Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G enabled; super thin and super light weight—what more can we ask with the fast emerging phone models today? Or should we ask—has the mobile phone technology race reached the finish line? What does the future hold for mobile phones?

Cloud Technology

This isn’t actually a thing of the future because many cloud technology applications have been developed especially with Apple products like MobileMe. Cloud technology will enable future cell phones to store data like files, images, documents, music and videos in a virtual space called a “cloud” and will allow them to sync it or download it to other peripherals like their laptop, or other  cell phones.

Face Recognition Technology

If you think only highly secured places and computers have the chance to make use of facial recognition to allow a person access—upcoming cell phones are not far from getting the most of this technology. No need to input your password, passphrase or swipe your security pattern. All you will need to do is face your phone’s front facing cam and let it do the necessary processes for unlocking your phone.

Pro Looking Shots

Impressive HD images and videos have been boasted by a lot of phone manufacturers and most of today’s smartphones have at least 5 megapixel cameras. In the coming months, the competition for the future cell phones will be unprecedented as this will be the war of giant mobile phone technologies.  8 to 12 megapixels may come in handy! Soon enough, your phone will be able to boast professional looking shots.

Processor Speed

Speed is also expected to be boosted in the release of the upcoming lines. Most smartphones today contain at least 512 MHz to 1 GHz processor and surely, this stat will shoot up with the tight race between many phone manufacturers like Apple, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC and the likes. It’s shaping up to be a great race in the future cell phones department

OS Improvements

Mobile technology is not just the war between phone manufacturers—it’s also a battle between operating systems which are currently being widely used by these phones. One of the leading operating systems today is the Android platform which many phone models use like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and the likes. It’s close competitors are Apple’s iOS, RIM’s Blackberry OS as well as Nokia’s Symbian OS.

If we can imagine, about a decade ago—people were either mulling or going gaga about those simple cellular phones with analog screens, physical keypads and the likes. We cannot imagine how mobile phone technology has progressed over the past decade as today, we have hundreds of smartphones in the market heaping with a lot of features we could have never imagined while we were playing Snake or Space Impact on that Nokia 3310.

Definitely, there are a lot in store for future cell phones—features we might not have even imagined wildly may pop before our very eyes. That’s how fast mobile phone technology progresses.